Here, you can sit in this chair
No?  How about if I sand her down and remove any loose paint? Then I will apply two coats of paint in a fun, bright coral color.
 Is she good enough now?
I know, I can go ahead and stencil the chair with my initial. I will use my projector and trace a "J" on a piece of cardboard and cut out with a knife.  Next I will apply the template to the chair and paint it a creamy white color.
Do you think she looks pretty since I added a decorative border under the initial, using the same process ?
Okay Sassy, If that's not good enough for you, I can throw on a few  pillows that I purchased recently. The Bunny pillow is from Dear Lille, and The Owl came from Home Goods.
and I will also add some beautiful flowers that my husband brought home in my monogram vase wrap
 Will you sit with me now?
  I thought so.
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