Having a considerable amount of "green" space to cut outside our windows  is  pretty much inevitable at my house, but we do what we have to do
 and we hope along the way of riding the merry mower, there is something in the distance that makes us veer off of those pretty strait lines we like to create, that makes it look like a freshly manicured ball field
and we get closer
and closer, to witness such a beautiful little surprise in the pasture
 suddenly the engine on the mower stops, I didn't feel like cutting anyways, and I cut and bring these little beauties inside
At this point, I forget that I was even on a mower today and instead envision running through a daisy field ( BTW- with clothes on!)
barefoot with the wind blowing through my hair 
 and life is fabulous with not a care in the world, but beautiful flowers on the table
Then I stop and get back on my mower, cause there's  more yard to cut! 
Two tips to preserve cut flowers  1)  cut the stems at a 45 degree angle. 2) try adding half sprite or 7-up to half water. Flowers need the acidity and sugar. Refresh your water daily.

FYI- Us country gals don't use traditional fertilizer in these parts of the country, we use chicken poop. Yes poop. It really does make the grass green and lush.

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