When I have to spend money on flowers , it makes me cringe particularly when I can grow and use my own. This time of the year though presents some challenges when some of my favorites are not in growing season. So when I bought this bouquet for $25.00
(yes, it pains me) the other day at the grocery store, I knew that I wanted to get every bit of my money out of them.
The first arrangement that I made and shared last week was this centerpiece. You can read more about my Aunt Mable and the centerpiece here.
From there I wanted to create a smaller centerpiece for the lunch table. For my base filler I used fresh fruit and then tucked the flower stems in the center to conceal.
And with a few blooms left, I created smaller arrangements for some hostess gifts. I used old jars and tied them with burlap. I added a few sticks from the yard to create a more rustic, woodsy feel to the arrangement.
 So tell me, how far have you gone with your flower arrangements?

Grateful for-
The beauty from flowers

PS- Don't forget that I am over at Uncommon Designs Handmade Market today. I would love for you to stop by.


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