I am attending a slumber party today - The Pillowpalooza. I told Linda the host over at It All Started With Paint that I would be there under one condition - when I am sleeping, make sure that the bad girls don't put water in my bra and put it in the freezer.  Sadly, that is a  memory of the last slumber party I ever attended. So naturally coming to Linda's, I was reluctant as I did not want a repeat occurence from the bad girls. Besides bad girls probably don't like pillows anyway so maybe they won't show up! 
The bad girls would probably like these though
What do you think bad girls, jealous of the "fun" blue that I was inspired by when I read this months Coastal Living?
Jealous of the cute bird sitting on a birdcage on top of a drop cloth pillow?
 Or, this smaller pillow with the bird chirping away?
 Tell you what bad girls, if you promise to  behave and not do the water thing then you can click here and I will show you how to make the drop cloth pillow. 
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