Long before I moved to our home, I would be a regular patron in the floral department to get the freshest selection of pretty blooms. The girls at the counter were always quite happy to see me since I was there weekly.
 But then we moved to home in the country -affectionately called 'Duke Manor' and things began to change. 
See, I didn't need the girls at the floral department, I had what I needed right here at the manor to make my own little pretty arrangements.
Actually I should be a little upset with the girls at the counter because they never told me how easy it was to use the blooms from my own yard
along with the basics that I already had- scissors, a glass bowl, a few rocks and some water
 I guess they also thought that I couldn't cut the stems at an angle
and place in my bowl, with my rocks and water
and repeat
Until I got this
Shame on you girls!!
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