Just because I am not hitting the shore this summer, doesn't mean that I can't be reminded of my families favorite pastime in our home.
And just imagine, if the family changed our minds,  I would have my  directional sign that I made out of salvaged wood, stenciled letters and leftover Grey paint, to help lead the way
And I thought that if  I needed help marking the shallow ends of the water, my orange wooden antique water buoys could help
Then there is this old wooden paddle that I can use,with repurposed decorative balls that I painted in beachy colors and sprinkled with sand, to paddle my way out to ride the biggest, most awesome waves
And I can even use this candle to see if it is dark before I get back to the shore

But then reality sets in and I realize.....

 that the arrow on my sign points to the backyard and not to the beach!
Click here for a tutorial on how I made the coastal candle holder.


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