I interrupt your regularly scheduled Christmas project posts to bring you something much more, well entertaining to say the least.

With 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 pony, 3 gold fish and 2 donkeys, oh and 3 kids, there's no denying that I love my animals EXCEPT for those fury little flying rodents called Squirrels. 
All week I have been taunted, teased and out squirreled. You see it all started last Sunday when something jumped from the shelf to the floor. What the ?????
Next morning, hubby and I purchase mouse traps before he heads out of town, hubby not the rodent.
Next day, I open the laundry room door and there he was, just looking at me. If you look closely he is in between the baskets.
Quickly, I call my husband at 6:30 am and tell him "honey, it's not a mouse but a squirrel in the house, come home now".  He suggests that I put our dog Kayla in the room and shut the door since he will not be able to get on a plane and come home to take care of the Squirrel at that exact moment. 
Kayla quickly went to work sniffing out the place. The stuff you see of the floor was knocked down when I attempted to take the broom and "shoo" the squirrel out the window. The laundry belongs to the Squirrel.
So I opened the window, well actually I had my six year old run in and open the window and pop the screen, hoping that the flying rodent would leave and go back to where he came from. What I didn't realize, was that as I left to bring the kids to school that the squirrel could easily invite the rest of this gang inside for breakfast through the open window! After morning drop off, I came back home feeling pretty certain that the squirrel had hit the road. I went into the laundry room and there was no sign of him ( or is it a her?) anywhere. So I began to tidy up the mess I created and do some of the squirrels laundry.
So I was happy, laundry was done and life moved on UNTIL the next night when I was in my office late and heard some scratching like sounds. 
Luckily my husband came home the next day and when I heard the noise again and told him he responded " they are just on the roof, calm down". Calm down nothing! How about I walk into the laundry room the next day and who do you think had lodged himself ( or is it a her?) into the mouse trap. Nope not my kid, but the squirrel.
 Quickly my husband got the trap out and brought it outside, but not before I took a picture with a few "I told you so" remarks.
I say all this to tell you that even though I do not like squirrels, we did let it go back to where it came from, although I wasn't letting my dogs get in the way. 
Hope you have a rodent free fantastic day!
PS- If you know of any Flying Rodent support groups please contact me immediately.
PPS- If you hear some "scratching like sounds" it's probably a squirrel.

Grateful for~
A wonderful weekend with the squirrel out of the house!


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