How flattered was I to receive the "prestigious" Liebster Blog Award yesterday by Jen at Harrison Home.

The Liebster is an award that is given to a newbie blogger who is recognized by a fellow blogger. I have always appreciated peer to peer recognition. Quite frankly, I can't remember the last time I won such an award, I believe it was in high school when I was awarded the most likely to succeed... in blogging. 

Wow, who would have thought. And now, many moons later ( I will never tell how many moons)  I have achieved success!
 I do appreciate the accolades and will be passing the crown on shortly to other new blogs- Just let me savior this moment for a few minutes longer-okay?
Fyi- that's not me, that's the other "Laura"- 2012 Miss America

PS. Please check out  Jen's blog ( gotta check out her Family Room) and my fellow Liebster winners. 
Jen at  Migonis Home
Reba and Eldarose at Re-invented Style
Courtney at Courtney Lane
Barbara and Alicia at A Mother and Daughter


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