Things are progressing in my office makeover , just not as fast I would like. Probably because I can't get up from my beautiful new chair that I got from World Market.
It's intended as a dining chair, but makes the perfect accent chair in my office. I have been eying this chair for some time in Ballard's catalog but was pleasantly surprised to see it priced ~$200 less at World Market. I showed you my fabric choices here,  and I was able to finish a small pillow for the chair.
Once I did get off the chair, I was also able to make some super easy wall art with the fabric that I had left over.

 Supplies you will need to make this easy art project:
  • Frame- I used 11x17
  • spray paint- I used satin nickle
  • cardboard back from the frame
  • fabric- dimensions 11X17
  • Spray adhesive
 Step 1) This frame was taking up space in my craft room cabinet so I decided to use it. Remove the glass and spray your frame, in your color choice.
 Step 2) cut your piece of fabric to the dimensions of your frame. My frame was 11x17.
 Step 3) Use the spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the cardboard back of your frame. I sprayed the back of my fabric and smoothed down the fabric on the cardboard to remove any creases or wrinkles.
Step 4) Place your cardboard back into the frame

 Step 5) Ready to hang and admire- while sitting in my chair of course!
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