Typically, I  am not the bragging type. Nope, not me. Never been.
Sure from time to time you may hear me brag on my kids, about how sweet they are,  how smart they are, but nothing out of the norm. Nothing excessive.
 Oh and by the way, they're cute too.
And the plain truth of the matter is, that I would be happy for you whether you bragged or not. See, I would be over the moon that you child is the next Honey Boo-Boo star or that your 14 year old grandchild just graduated from high school and they just got accepted to Harvard .   
Those things just make me happy. Thrilled. Ecstatic.
Just like this .50 art work that I created with a fork and spoon found at an Estate Sale.
They look pretty amazing sprayed in copper paint that I had 
leftover from this project, and secured on a piece 
of burlap and then hung on an old refinished frame.
I'm not bragging. Just saying, that's all.

Grateful for
a country where we can exercise our right to vote



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