I think the one thing that has changed more than anything since we had our kids, is Date Night. Not only are the occurrences more rare and treasured, but the locations have changed as well. Before kids it was fancy restaurants, concerts and movies. Heck I even wore make-up and my favorite skinny jeans and heels!   Now our favorite makeout date night spot is right here in our backyard.

Which isn't such a bad thing, I mean what's better than walking 10 steps out the back door to an environment that defines all the reasons that keep the sparks alive in our relationship.
Now my "hot" hunky date shows up with mums instead of red roses-but that's okay, he still makes my heart pitter patter.
And gourmet meals and wine have been traded in for gooey marshmallows and sticks, but that's okay I love smores. 
And the quiet more intimate affairs with soft music playing in the background are now shared with playful screams and the "other" loves of my life.
But that's okay too, I like these Date Nights much better!
What is your favorite Date Night spot?
Grateful for:
A loving husband



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