Fall is my most favorite time of the year, Seeing the abundance of color on the trees and feeling a chill in the air. I love the faint smell of campfires in the distance and stepping back into your favorite warm-ups after months of summer weather. 
Notice I did'nt say jeans! Afraid of that moment. Really Afraid!
During this time of the year we are outside 88.5% of the time. The other 11.5% we are either eating here or sleeping here.

We talk local high school football, what we are growing in the garden next year and the buzz about a new Walmart coming to the next town over.
I reckon thats why we moved out to the country, to escape the retail giants, even though the closest grocery store is only 32 miles down the road.
Imagine that, it's closer to gather some dried corn stalks then it is to get a gallon of milk.
We Southerners trade the traditional sweet tea for our favorite Fall Spirits and we sit wee into the night just chatting non-stop.
Heck, we don't have to travel far for an assortment of pumpkins picked right out of the neighbors garden

The cedar wood pedestals can be cut on any given day, except Sundays, if you just give us a hollar
And those grapevine wreaths that you are buying up in the city, we got the vines in the backyard, just got to twist em up.
Yup, we like our fall but love our Southern porches more!
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