For several months my 4 year old has been asking to build one of our dogs 'Skippy', a dog house. We have three dogs. Kayla stays inside the house and the other two, Skippy and Bear, are living large each day in comfy down filled doggie beds in a section of our garage, like Kings. 
Not sure why my son thought Skippy would want to give that all up for a new dog house!
So a few weeks ago, dad constructed a dog house with the help of the boys.
Dad was responsible for putting the house together.
And the boys were responsible for making sure that Skippy would fit through the door.
I also gave the boys full responsibility to "decorate" Skippy's new digs, since I don't have much resume experience with decorating Dog Houses.
And let me tell you , they sure do! Not only did we get an original, one of a kind painted dog house
We got a very happy little boy with paint on him from his hair to his toes
And even Skippy got some highlights, courtesy of the boys. 
  I guess I should have told them to paint everything but the dog!
See you tomorrow for my Weekly Wow's!

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