All my life I dreamed about hanging my Christmas stocking alongside my husband and my children on the mantel at Christmas time.
For many years it was just me and my wonderful husband's stocking, just hanging there and waiting year after year. Patiently.
But luckily we did have this guy. He waiting patiently with us too. In fact, he was the first Christmas decoration that I bought when we got married.
Then it happened, 2 stockings became 3, then 3 stockings 
became 5. 
Five stockings, hanging side by side in reds and greens. Surrounded by green garland, pine cones and small homemade trees with cute little red birds.
 It was just like they were in my dream but only better.
See, the best part was that I got to the change the name on my stocking to Mommy.
This holiday season is such a reminder for me that the most precious gifts aren't always the ones tucked in a stocking or wrapped in pretty plaid paper and burlap bows and put under the tree.
But the gift of family and love that are above the stockings.

I hope as you prepare for this holiday season, you will find all the many reasons to celebrate and to enjoy your special gifts.

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Grateful for~
The gift of children


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