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Now on the project!

Not only is my husband is happy to hear that we are done with outdoor projects for the remainder of the year (honey don't get to excited, that's only 33 days) but so are the kids as they swing with delight over some recent changes we made to the outdoor place set.
Ah, it seems like just yesterday when we set this up in the backyard. I remember the day that we brought this contraption home from Toys R Us. I thought it would last a lifetime. Wrong! See, it wasn't the quality that didn't hold up, it was the kids. They got bigger and outgrew it!
So we began the upgrade process.
We started by dismantling and moving the old one. The roofs will be re purposed for another project and the play set will be used as the kids "Pirate Ship".
Moving this beast was not fun.  My husband and I were able to tip it over, scoot it to the edge, slide it down the ramp and then scoot it over to it's new home. Looking back at this picture and how we moved it,  makes me wonder where I get my mojo from!
The Pirate's Ship in the middle of the forest!
And a new "kid approved" swing set.
I'd say the kids look happy, don't you think?

Head to the backyard if you would like to swing or you can send me an email for details on how we constructed the swing set. 
What end of the year outdoor projects are you working on?
 Grateful for:
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