My husband and I were fortunate enough to build our home 9 years ago. With the assistance of an architect we built our dream home. From the architectural details, to the open spaces throughout our home we were thrilled to be apart of the home design and building  process. The 2 year process went relatively smooth (if you ask my builder that's what he would think), except for some small minor glitches. This is the story of one of them. 
This is an actual conversation.
Builder- "Hi Mrs.Laura, glad you are here, I wanted to show you what I did today.  
Me- "okay, what?"
Builder- "Well, seeing how there were arches in the dining room entry and into your kitchen entry
and an arch leading into the master bedroom area, I decided to go ahead and put an arch right here in the hallway, I hope that's okay"
Me-"What! That arch is in the middle of the hallway. It drops my ceiling down.  I designed this house to have 10 foot ceilings so really tall people wouldn't hit their heads (not like that should really matter, since the tallest person that I know is 6'5). I don't think I like that. You should have consulted me first! That wasn't what we designed. That wasn't in the blueprints. Take an early lunch and go home."
Taking the afternoon to calm down, and to think about what options  I had to correct the misuse of my builders judgement, I had a glass of wine and sat on the floor in the hallway and thought about it. And then it hit me - no, not the ceiling. How about if I apply stone to the underside of the curved arch and along the wall?
And instead of using the area beneath the stairs as a utility closet, I can use that space to create something more special, more unique, more functional.
Any guesses what I ended up using this space for? I'll be back next week to show you. Have a great weekend!


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