Welcome to July!! Here in Georgia we have temps flirting in the triple digits so what better time then to stay inside and work on some new projects or to finish the one's that you have already started. If your plate is clean (unlike mine) and your looking for something new to do, you may find some inspiration in today's Wow's.
 Wow Wall Decor-
 Look at this Wood World Map from the Happier Homemaker 
How cool is that!
Wow DIY project -  Forget about ordering a new patterned rug, I am going to try this DIY Carpet painting tutorial from Pudel-design.
 Wow Furniture Makeover-
Juniper and Roses does an amazing job using a two toned effect on an old dresser- gorgeous!
Wow Outdoor Project- Just love this Knock off Anthropologie Jute Lantern. Hymns and verses shows us an easy tutorial on how to make one.
Tomorrow I will share the details about the Bloggers Without Borders Series that I am participating in.


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