I think my fondest memory of fall as a child growing up in the North, was going to the local Apple Orchard to pick apples.
 I remember just standing there, silent and in awe at the endless rows of trees covered with shiny red apples, ready to be picked.
Moving South later in my childhood, the occurrences of apple pickin stop, with only those special memories to hold on to. This year I am paying homage to those fall memories with a 'Apple Scape' on my Mantel .
My sign was actually created out of 3 pine boards that I recycled from the shop.  I applied coats of brown and then orange paint. Applied some vinyl stencils that I cut from my silhouette and then applied a final coat in cream color. Once dry, I removed the letters and sanded down the boards to allow the brown and orange to peek through.
I placed some apples in a bushel basket lined with some burlap next to the sign for some extra whimsy. 
It's such a perfect way to recall those sweet memories and makes me feel like a child again, if only for an apple moment!
 What's your favorite fall memory from your childhood?

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