If I were to give you directions to my house it would sound something like this.....
Come in town. Head down Main Street 2 miles. At the Piggly Wiggly go left. Go 1/2 mile down, turn right. Go to the little white church, go right. Turn down the dirt road and keep driving. 
Go around the bend but watch out for the rabbits and deer. Turn slightly up the hill until you see 
The Big John Deere.
Mailbox that is.
Yupper, my mac daddy of a mailbox is the envy of every man, women and child in this town. Postmen from miles away come to deliver the mail and just stare as they put the Pottery Barn and J.Crew catalogs in the box.  Bored punks teenagers out mailbox bashing (ps- go out and get a real job), skip my house cause they know my tractor mailbox can withstand the swing of their bats .
Thanks largely to....
a 3 foot pole dug into the ground and secured with 2 bags of concrete. Yup, that will teach any youngin who's up to no good to swing at this mailbox.  
So go ahead, I dare you. I double dare you.
And if you do, I sure will feel sorry for your bat.


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