When my son suggested that he wanted a Star Wars bedroom I told him there were two requirements.
First, the money to make the changes couldn't send mommy and daddy into another Galaxy.
Second, he had to wake up looking at Anakin Skywalker for at least a year.  
He agreed, so I set out on a mission to transform his bedroom.
Here were my orders.
Create Jedi wall art on canvas board.
 Order wall size removable decals of his favorite Star Wars character.
Purchase bedding that coordinated with his rug. The blanket and sheets from Walmart. The rug (from Pottery Barn) was previously used in our playroom.
Pick up a few posters on Amazon. His lamp and shade (from Pottery Barn) were also in the playroom.
Add a little Darth Vader pillow to the Ikea reading chair. Throw a few stars on the wall.
And the room wouldn't be complete without a space ship
one that will help him assist the droids in finding the Jedi Knight.
Let's hope he is as old as Yoda before he wants to make a change.  Well maybe not quite that old, 900 years is a long time!
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