Every year my husband has scrambled around to find the "right" gifts for me.
Each year he has waited till the last minute to purchase the gifts on-line.
Each year he has probably paid more in shipping costs then the gifts were worth. 
Each year he is wrapping his gifts for me the day before Christmas and runs out of paper.
Each year he has to head to a crowded store to purchase more gift wrap.
So this year I sat him down to tell him he was wasting his time and money. The gifts that were on my wish list could not be purchased on-line, did not have shipping costs and did not have to be wrapped. The gifts that I desired and wanted more then anything were the gifts of my precious family, the gift of my loving and caring husband, the gift of our abilty to give back to others, the gift of amazing friends, the gift of our health and the gift of God's presence in our lives.
My hope is that the presents under your Christmas tree this year are the same gifts that I will be receiving.
Merry Christmas to you and the one's that you love.


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