The other day as I was reading how Christina at No.29 picked up this up Ballard's mirror on the side of the road
I thought to myself, hmmm, maybe I can be so lucky and find something so wonderful, beautiful and free.
 I wouldn't mind finding one of these beauties on the
 side of my road
That would make me happy,
or one of these would be super cool
Or, I would be over the moon thrilled if I found this
But no, instead I found these
Wait... look, there's 2. How awesome is that!
  Anybody need a mattress? I would be happy to share my roadside treasure. I will even deliver it to you.
What  junk treasure have you found on the side of your road?
Note: Unfortunately living in the country has it's disadvantages, one of them being the above which was taken on the way to drive my son to school. People see country roads as a way to dump used, nasty, old mattress's and their dogs . I don't get it.


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