My family was fortunate to get away to Tennessee over President's Day weekend. We have always made the Great Smokey Mountain National Park a yearly event and a nature hike part of the tradition. My kids just love everything outdoors so the trip is always perfect.
It was during this walk that I began to be inspired not by the clear, beautiful rapids of the water
or the gorgeous old hardwood trees that have grown into their own unique shapes over the past hundred years
or looking down from 6,600 feet at the most visited national park in the United States.
My inspiration this day was found here
Don't get me wrong this is absolutely beautiful
but on this particular day it was just
 It was everywhere and it was so beautifully green when everything else was'nt.
So, I am working on a few projects using my inspiring nature walk and moss. As soon as I get my head out of the clouds, I will show you what I come up with.


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