I had ever intention today of showing you a cute idea that I usually put together for my husband- the man who has everything, for Valentines Day this year. A photo collage using some little props/letters to spell out endearing words and sayings.
It worked for Dad's birthday gift last year
It worked for my Christmas Card

and so, I thought I would try it for Valentines Day. 
A sweet little picture, in a sweet little frame.
 So, here's my first attempt at capturing the right shot
my second attempt
and third
Then I realized, you know what my husband will love more then the sweet little picture in the sweet little frame? He will love that I was thinking about him.  He will love the amount of time I spent thinking about what to get him. He will love the fact that the kids really had a good time "making" daddy a gift. He will love that the kids probably frustrated mommy because she couldn't get the "right" shot. 
But, I think what he will love even more then anything is knowing how much we love him and adore him.  
Ya know, the more I think about it, that just makes next year's gift a whole lot easier!


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