If you know me,you would know of my love for Daylilies. If not, you can witness that adoration here . The love fest goes on for months until the blooms die back and I am left with the sight of this
and this. Just think, a million of these stalks just staring at  me. 
Determined to proclaim my continued devotion to my sweet Day Lily, I decide to do something that I have never done before. An idea that not only  keeps me "green" but also keeps me in good grace with mother nature.
I went out and picked all the spent stems from the Daylilies and trimmed off about an inch from the bottoms
I then took Ivy Green Rust-Oleum spray paint and coated the entire stem front and back, and let the stems dry completely
I then placed my new found "green " idea in a container on the patio.
It provides some nice color and interest for something that would have just ended up on the ground, unnoticed as it decomposed.

Not bad for  spent Daylily stems.
 Mother Nature thinks it's a cool idea too!


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