One thing you should know about me is that I have a love for clocks in my home. Two reasons- I don't like to be late and because I like the way they look incorporated into my decor. If you look around my house you will see that in just about every room.
 I always try to be on time and punctual mainly so hubby won't be waiting in the car, honking the horn . "Come on, let's go"! Have you heard that too?
At times I am even early for decorating trends, like this one you see gracing the pages of a current PB catalog 
See, I was already here in 2004 in my Sunroom when I started my collection of clocks, so that I could fill this generous space up
and still am today in my Living Room
Advantages to using clocks in your decor besides the obvious of knowing the time, is that they can work alone as a statement piece or as a grouping on your wall.

Disadvantage in using clocks in your decor is when the time changes and they all have to be set, or you can simply forget about it and be off an hour for 6 months.
So tell me, do clocks make a statement in your home decor or is your hubby honking the horn waiting for you?


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