Well, I can't complain about colder air this weekend even if it was only 99 degrees in Northeast Georgia! Sure beats the triple digits we have had recently. 
I got in my garden early in the morning to do some maintenance and found this old, rusty, metal sphere
I didn't really "unearth" it since I placed here about 5 years ago. I thought it was looking a bit drab and dull- unfortunately that's what happens with age sometimes!
I decided to give it a quick style change, including a wash and a new coat of paint. I started by cleaning the sphere off with soap and water. Once dry, I applied a 2 to 1 mixture of Behr's Sienna Dust and water to the sphere.
I completely covered it with my paint mixture and let it dry for an hour.
Once dry, I took a fine grit sand block and roughed it up in places to let some of the metal peek through.
My Unearthed Beauty now has a new home in my living room where I am happy to say is much cooler!
I just don't know where to place it or if it will stay in this room
 Have you unearthed any items from the outdoors and brought them inside lately? If so, would love to hear about it.
Have a great week!


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