FYI- forgive my use of Southernisms. I tried to make corrections where I could.
 There are two things every Southerner wants- A big pitcher  of sweet tea and a big ole front poach porch.
A poach porch to shoot the breeze on , eat our supper on and take naps on. You see, that's just what us Southerners do. In fact we caint figure out why people don't just live on their porch.
See, in my family, we like to entertain and more then
 likely it will be outside on the poach. We built this house for that very reason. So this year, I reckon the 4th is on the porch.
Most of our friends will walk on over from somewhere down yonder the road and find a seat to just sit... and sit, which is not really a problem cause every  Southern porch should have plenty of seats.
 With big comfy cushion and pillows-  but you wanna make sure they aint to comfy or they won't go home!
This is an example of the conversation you might hear on a Southern Porch
" Did ya'll hear about lil Johnny causing a ruckus down over at Stans place last evening"? or maybe this 
 "Yall young'ns stop a-carryin on so we cain't hear each other talk." 
Or when my neighbor asks  
"How'd all them dadburned "junebugs" git on your rose bushes?"
 And then there's the little extras that help us to celebrate Independence day, like these little pin wheels tucked inside a mason jar
or a stash of sparklers for the kids, although locals around this part prefer to set off dynamite as firecrackers instead
And goodness gracious, don't forget to serve the sweet tea. It's kinda like the law around here to drink your tea out of a chilled mason jar
 Although in a town of 500, chances are the one and only police officer ( aka- po-po) is sitting right next to you drinking his sweet tea too!
  Most important is to celebrate our country's independence and enjoy the day with your family and friends on wherever your front porch is!

 PS- for my Burlap summer wreath tutorial go here and for my Stars and Stripe pillow tutorial go here
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