My blog is traveling in a different direction today- literally. See we are going to Spain, to visit my dear friend Ana. Ana and I have been friends for more then 30 years and although we don't get a chance to see each other due to our geographic distances, some 6958 kilometers or 4324 miles and an ocean apart, she is a friend for life who also happens to have incredible style, taste and a beautiful home.I was thrilled when she emailed me one day to let me know that her Country Home was published in House and Garden magazine ( Spanish edition).
Family and friends fill the spaces of this house weekends and vacations; they share a love for the country and all you can do in nature. The house is comfortable, current and warm. 
 Her Country Home is located in Segovia, Spain and is everything you would think a home in the countryside would look like. Being the great friend she is, I knew that she would love for me to share her home with you today. So grab your virtual passports and get ready for an incredible tour.
Front entrance of the home- Welcome!
View of the entrance. Ana  inherited the picture of the Virgin Mary from her grandmother. The ceiling and floors throughout her home are of light pine wood.
 Living Room
Dining area and kitchen. This is the only room in the house that has color on the walls. Look at those beautiful windows.
Ana's Guest Bedroom and Guest Bath, ready for my visit one of these days!
The master bedroom with gorgeous wood ceilings, beams and trim.
Thank you for the tour Ana and for all of you who came along.

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