Yes, you heard me correctly. Mason or "Brickie" if you are British. A skill that I don't talk about unless I have to. A skill that I possess without even realizing it. Don't ask me how or why, but I do. 
Take the project that got me started.
 My husband and I built a walkway to connect our front porch to our side yard. First time ever laying stone.... and it wasn't to be the last. Feeling  cool, confident and cocky we then tackled this
 Yes, a pond and water feature in our backyard. This project actually took two summers and was done in phases. It was a true testament of our skill level and marriage! Note: We are still married- happily!
Feeling like retirement was imminent for us, we called in some professionals to create this addition
Just like Michael Jordan, we decided to come out of retirement to play a few more NBA seasons work on one last project, which ironically was the easiest of all so far. We created steps.
First it was two simple stone steps.
Then it was three simple stone steps
Steps that take us from the front yard to the sideyard, from the pond to the pit, from the pit to the play area 
and back to the front porch again. 
I love how things come full circle!
Anybody else a Mason?
PS- We have gone back into "Brickie" retirement again, but I look forward to sharing the masonry skills involved with these projects with you!


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