Have you ever wondered why the butterflies like the Butterfly bush so much? 

Do you think it's because of the beautiful white, pink or purple blooms that the bush produces all summer?
Maybe the massive amount of blooms that sprout out all over the bush and make excellent cut flowers like I used here . No worries though, the butterflies don't mind since there is plenty more.
 Or do you think it's because the bush, although a perennial in most regions, is a fast grower and virtually maintenance free?
Perhaps it's because the bush emits a special honey fragrance that attracts butterflies like some mystical spell?
Maybe they can't get enough of the sweet nectar from the flowers?
I don't know the real reason, but if I were a butterfly these are some pretty good reasons to stick fly around! 
Have a great weekend. 
See you back here tomorrow for My Weekly Wow's.


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