As I was doing my daily ritual of entering the HGTV dream home sweepstakes today, I spent some time looking  back at the previous homes. Do you believe this is the 16th year and I not have giving up hope yet! 
A few of my favorites and other notables-

 Love the Family room in the 2006 Dream Home. The use of the stone and wood create such a warm and cozy space. I thought the fireplace in this family room bears a strong resemblance to the family room in my home. (below)

This was the original paint color that I put on the walls ( my, how my style has changed). This room has since been painted a lighter color and is no longer a family room but an extension of my kitchen. Look for more details in my Home Series.
 Just love this master bath from the 2004 St. Mary's Home. The colors, simplicity and of course the free standing tub are just stunning.

 The Master bedroom from the 2004 St.Mary's home is my favorite of all the houses. Here again, I share similar color choices and style with my Master Bedroom.(next photo)

Absolutely love this pool and patio from the 2005 Tyler Texas home. Wish I can say that this bears some resemblance to a pool that I have in my backyard, but I can't. Don't have one.! That's why I like starring at this one!
 Lastly, something  caught my eye when I was admiring the 2003 Home Mudroom. On the counter sits a glass cloche.  What I don't know is if they were as heavily used in 2003 as they are now for accessorizing or did the trend just never go away?
Coincidentally that happens to be something I am posting about next week.
 PS- I so want that faucet!
Now go and enter the sweepstakes that way if I don't win, I can come visit you in Park City.

All photos unless noted are from HGTV Dream Home.


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