When my husband and I first met we connected on so many levels. We were completely compatible  we shared the same interests and believe it or not we shared the same BOWLS! Living in Houston Texas in the mid 90's, I shopped a good deal at Garden Ridge Pottery . I purchased this beautiful silver bowl and adorned it in my single life decor.
Fast forward 3 years later, I move to Atlanta and meet my future husband. He invites me to his house for dinner one night and I gladly accept, Of course I can't wait to check his place out! I walk in and what is sitting on his table
Fate, destiny, the same silver bowl!
Even if he was not directly responsible for picking out the bowl
( his sister did), I still believe it was a match made it heaven.
Fast forward to the present. How do you accessorize using these silver bowls or any bowls you may have in your home. 
Here's a few ideas to try in your decor.
 I feel so blessed to have my silver bowls AND my husband in my life!


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