A few weeks back one of my favorite blogs Thistlewood Farm was hosting a  2012 Imagine the Impossibilities challenge  - a challenge in which you  tackle some undaunting task.  I thought " well, I have a few of those around here" and quickly raised my hand. Well, it has only taken two weeks to show you the challenge, and I only have two weeks left, so hopefully this all turns out good.
By the way, you should know that I work best under pressure .
So here's my task - My Game Room

This was not the original color of the room (the original color was in the beige family- haystack) . My husband said my hormones were in overdrive when I choose these colors, since this was right before having our first child.  I then decided the blue and green were not for me (and still are not today) and repainted the room...
When will I learn my lesson?
Well , about a year ago I repainted the space from Red to Creamy Mushroom . Funny how things come full circle, even with paint choices ( since I'm going back to the beige family). I seemed to have lost my mo-jo somewhere around last fall to finish the space. The way I look at it, if my kids don't care/notice that the room is several different shades of color and furniture is stacked in the center of the room, why should I!
Next Wednesday I will share more updates on my progress.
Clock is ticking till the room reveal on January 31st!


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