In my home it would be very easy to let this space get out of control. It is the space that connects our garage to our main living area. I call it a " breezeway" but some of you, depending on where you live may call it a "mud room". Regardless, it would be easy to let this space get out of control without some structure and organization. With so many guests entering through our breezeway door, I always feel like this room has to be tidy and neat, since this would be the first space they would see.
I wanted to take you through the transformation of this space and how it has evolved through the years.
This is when we first moved into our home 9 years ago. I can tell that because the floors are shiny and clean, the walls are freshly painted and there are no fingerprints on the windows!
Then a few years later, I went through an obsession with darker colors and incorporated darker greens and reds into the space. I also thought the darker color on the wainscot would help to conceal dirt from the traffic of the dogs and the Georgia clay, but it didn't.  This was also a period before our kids, so there was no real need to have a system in place, yet.

Then as the family grew so did the needs of the space. Fast forward 9 years and here we are. A space that fits the family, greets our guests with charm and has not lost control, yet.

 This is the view as you enter the house from the garage, or breezeway door. The bench by the way, belonged to my sister, who gave it to my mom, who gave it to me. 
Thanks so much sis, mom?  I love this bench!!
We are an active family, as evident by the sneakers! These wooden lockers/cubbies are from Orvis and are perfect for the kids to store their shoes and coats as they come through the door.
I have separate hooks for book bags and totes.


 On our last trip to Napa, I picked up these photos created by a local artist. There's just something I love about old trucks, even if they don't run.
 With colder weather outdoors, I put a hop scotch board on the floor for the kids. They love it! This project was super easy. Watch for the tutorial on how to make and apply the board next week.
This is the view as you walk through the breezeway to the garage, fitting photo as the tour has now come to an end. Don't forget to hop on the board on your way out!
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