Love is in the air....... and today after this tutorial it will be on your door!!
Yesterday I showed you these simple but sweet mossy heart wreaths. Today in a few short steps, I will show you how to make these sweet wreaths and the floating hearts for your mantel.
 Moss Wreaths
Supplies Needed:
Heart form- I got mine at Joann Fabric for about $8.00 each
Spray adhesive
Roll of moss- for 1 wreath you need about 2 rolls of moss
Ribbon- I used wide red grosgrain to hang my wreaths

 Begin wrapping the wreath form with the moss. You will wrap fairly tight , but not to tight where is pulls the  moss apart. When you finish with one roll you will want to use some spray adhesive to tack the ends down- you will want to do that with each start and stop of your ends.
 Your finished wreath should look like this. When you are done , cut a piece of ribbon ( to your size) and loop at the top of the heart. I used some glue to hold my ribbon in place.
 I told you these were simple! And will look lovely hanging up.
DIY Floating Hearts
I have never thought to decorate the mantel for Valentines Day until I started seeing all of these cute Valentine mantel displays. I wanted to do something that incorporated everyone in the family so I came up with these personalized hanging hearts.
This is so easy to do, I almost feel foolish giving you instructions, but I will anyways.
Supplies needed:
  • lettering for the hearts- I cut my silver letters out of vinyl from my silhouette machine
  • pre-packaged felt hearts in an assortment of colors- I purchased mine from Joann Fabrics for about 8.00.
  • jute twine to hang the hearts
  • clothes pins to clip the hearts to the twine
  • tape or something to secure the jute twine to your mantel

Secure your letters to the felt hearts. Clip with clothes pin onto the jute twine. Told you- easy!

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