Welcome to our Guest Cottage on Dog House Lane.
 Go down the dirt road 1/2 a mile, pass the old school house,take a left at the sign, and you're there
 Our guest cottage, is a place that was built for family and friends to come and stay a while, to relax
and enjoy beautiful country living
The cottage is special to us because my husband and I built it ourselves ( everything except the concrete slab) and lived in it while our own home was being built
 It is special because it's where our DIY skills were realized, and painted floors got their start- click here
Special because we got to design and build a kitchen
Click here for Kitchen renovation 
 Special because we learned how to tile and create a cottage style bath
Special because we learned how to create a bedroom for our guests to have a good nights sleep
And a space to sit and chat
Special for the little touches that make it warm and inviting for others
Special because it's got our heart and soul in it. It was a labor of love, that represents who we are and what we love to do. 
Down the road I will take you on the journey of this "first project of it's kind". First time framing, putting dry wall up, tiling a floor, installing plumbing, wiring, renovating a kitchen, painting a floor, you name it- this was a first!!  
We hope you will come for a visit one day!

For More of My Home Tour click here

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