Unfortunately you won't see an album of photos that I took from the Haven Conference on my blog. Nope not any. The excitement and anxiety of attending the event got the best of me and I left the my camera at home.
I have  the after party shot- the slew of amazing memories and the knowledge that I took away.
 I want to say thanks to the girls in the "tribe" who were more fabulous in person then I could have imagined. I want to say thanks to the bloggers I did not  know prior to the event, but have since come to appreciate. And I want to say thanks to my family for giving me some time away, holding down the fort and watching the kids, just so I could do what I love to do- Blog!  If you are really disappointed that I did not bring my camera, you can go here for other Haven recap's and pics.
I am over at Stardust  today visiting with Olga and her readers  and talking about some of my favorite room makeovers. I would love for you to stop by.
PS- Getting the front porch ready for a 4th of July celebration!


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