Ahhhh, this is the life. Just "chillin" here under my new summer cabana. Well not really, it's been raining here for the last few days, so I thought I would share the tutorial on how to make this great cabana so you can have a little protection from the sun and look great while you are!
Supplies needed:
  • Steel Wire rope ( 1/8inch )
  •  5 eye hooks
  • 3 hooks to secure into your eye hooks
  • 2 door hinges ( to secure the 1 x 6's together)
  • clamp set ( to secure the wire rope to the eye hooks)
  • 3 1x6 ( cut to your desired length) for this project my middle board was 10 feet and the two sides boards were 80 inches
  • 2 6X9 drop cloths
  • paint
  • staple gun to secure the drop cloth to the board
  • extra hands or helper
Step 1- secure  3 eye hooks to your walls at equal distance to cover the area desired
Step 2- Secure the top eye hook (#4) for the center board . If you are familiar with sailboats think of this as a the boom connecting to the mast.
Step 3- Attach the 5th eye hook to your center board a little more then  1/2 way down on the board . 
Step 4- Next loop your wire cable through the eye hook (#5) on your center board and clamp it.
Step 5- Loop your wire cable through the other center eye
 hook( #4)
Step 6- Attach a hook to the end of the center board to place in the eye hook ( center)  already secured to your wall. Note: Make sure your center board is level or it will make your cabana uneven.
Step 7-  attach the two hinges to both sides of the center board to secure the three boards together ( left board with center & right board with center)
Step 8- Align your center board to the middle of your cabana. Screw a hook on the end of one of your boards 1/2 inch from the top of the board. Insert the hook into the eye hook on the wall.  Repeat for the other board. 
Step 9- Sew your fabric pieces together to make one piece. Place over your cabana shell. Start at the top and center your fabric .  To secure to the top, I tied the end of the fabric to the top eye hook
( this is not the most ideal way to secure but so far it has stayed put).
Step 10- Wrap your cover around your outer boards and staple in place. I had to trim and tuck in a few places as well so that it looked even on all sides. I then painted my center board.
This is what you should see looking up when you are finished, while you are reading a book and sipping on some cold iced tea.
And this is the view looking out when you are sitting under your cabana and thinking.... ahhhhh "This is the life"
 And finally, the view people will have when they look at you sitting in your new cabana and thinking "man I wish I was sitting under there"
This was a relatively a quick and easy project and took us a few hours . All the materials needed can be purchased at your local hardware store. If you need any additional instructions after reviewing the tutorial, feel free to email me 
 you know where I will be........ under the cabana. 
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